Experimental Musical Center for Children

Following the Prime Ministerial Decree which extends the measures adopted so far for the containment of Coronavirus Covid-19, the CeSMI lessons are presently continuing online.
We are convinced that music will help us in this difficult period and when we can go back to making music together as before, it will be an even more meaningful and exciting experience.
Music unites us beyond our nationality, our language, our age. And there is no virus that can change that!


Why Suzuki Method

The differences between the traditional method and the Suzuki method

Search by selecting talented childrenDevelop the talent in each child
Start at the age of 9-10 yearsStart at the age of 3-4 years
Family involvement is not foreseenAt the heart of the method is the family
Standard size instruments are usedThe instruments are appropriate and proportionate to the child’s body
First we play and then we listenFirst we listen and then we play
First we read and then we playFirst we play and then we read
Typically, each teacher keeps his method secretTeachers research, discover and share the results of this work
From the beginning, technical is emphasizedTechnique and studies are postponed
The goal is musical educationThe goal is global education
The emphasis is on the resultsThe emphasis is on HOW the results are obtained

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