Courses and Laboratories

The CeSMI annual courses begin in late September and end in late May and are structured as follows:

Music Lullaby
(0 to 36 months)

It is aimed at very young children, their parents and nursery teachers who are interested in including the various musical proposals in daily life, at the nursery and at home. It aims to contribute to the harmonious development of the child, offering the opportunity to activate cognitive, motor and expressive skills through music. Each lesson offers multiple musical activities, listening, movement, vocal, creative expression through an exploratory, experimental and active approach.

CML Children’s Music Laboratory course
(3 to 5 years)

The first year of the CML course aims to stimulate children in a specific neurological way, to activate skills that are useful to the development of musical instrumental study. It is aimed at developing rhythmic, melodic, coordinative, mnemonic and disciplinary elements. The practical and theoretical difficulties that the child will face with the successive study of the instrument, are anticipated and prepared through specific exercises.
Each exercise arises from observation of instrumental practice and of the specific difficulties attached to it, so anticipating the preparation of motor autonomy.

The course offers parents the training to set up daily practice that will allow the child to acquire more and more skills.
The following course CML 2 explores the development of motor, rhythmic and melodic activities, the development of vocal skills and introduces polyphonic practice and the reading of rhythmic patterns
The CML course, in parallel with the instrumental courses, then continues with the course of Pre-reading

Instrument Course

During the first year of the CML course, children will have the opportunity to hear and try all the tools that are taught:

  • Harp
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Violet
  • Cello
  • Flute
  • Piano

From the second year, the children will also combine the study of the chosen instrument with the CML 2 lesson. The didactic path continues with two weekly appointments: a tool lesson that will take place in individual lessons and a collective one of CML.

Collective instrument lessons

Group instrument lessons are an integral part of the Suzuki method, as important as individual lessons. Playing with the repertoire, with the rhythms and creating new melodies, children from an early age learn to play together. This experience stimulates the desire to learn and the joy of playing. It is a moment of sharing and comparison for the students and also for the parents. The little instrumentalists, having already had the experience of playing together, can later be easily inserted in the different instrumental ensembles of the CeSMI.

Pre-Academic Path

From this year an agreement has been launched with the Ottorino Respighi “Conservatory of Music” in Latina to offer Pre-academic Courses within CeSMI

ABRSM exam preparation
(Associated Board Royal School of Music)

ABRSM exams are recognized throughout Europe, the USA and all Commonwealth countries. In Italy they are not yet formally recognized, but it is very likely that they will be soon. The ABRSM training course has already had the Fifth Grade of ABRSM theory being compared to the pre-academic second level certification. The exams consist of an instrumental part and a theoretical and listening part called “Aural Test”.

CML English
(from 4-5 years)

It is a course for families who would like to introduce the English language to their children through musical activities. The Suzuki repertoire, Elena Enrico’s songs, translated into English by two of our own teachers, and the nursery rhymes are taken from traditional rhymes and poems. Many English, American and Australian songs have been adapted to achieve the specific objectives of the CML.

CML Professional Training Course

The two-year course takes place within 12 stages for a total of approximately 180 hours. They are divided into 6 meetings per year between Rome and Casagiove (CE). The exams take place at the end of each year, both for the 1st level and for the qualifying exam at the end of the 2nd year.
After graduation and presentation of a short curriculum, teachers who have graduated from Italian State Conservatories or other equivalent institutions are admitted to CML training.

Music Lullaby Professional Training Course

The course consists of approximately 25 hours of training. It will be organized in relation to the needs of the group of interested teachers and the availability of the teacher trainer.
Music Lullaby training is admitted:

  • teachers graduated from Italian State Conservatories or other equivalent institutions,
  • elementary school teachers
  • graduates in teaching, pedagogy, psi

Summer course in Celleno

For more than 20 years CeSMI has also offered its members a residential course in the summer. Music, solidarity and culture workshops in collaboration with the CONVENT of Celleno (VT).