There is a deep conviction by CeSMI that disabled children can find a way of expressing themselves in the musical context. An inclusion that would allow them to be children among other children.

The plan is to create a staff of specialists in music therapy and specialized teachers, to allow even disabled children to be able to make music together.

CeSMI grew from a small cultural entity born in Viterbo to an important association made up of more than 150 families distributed between Viterbo, Rome and the territory that unites these two cities.

Together with the Suzuki Center at the Rome office, CeSMI has developed a wide range of courses, starting from the first musical approach up to the Youth Orchestra, which has repeatedly participated in the international “Youth in Action” project funded by the European Community.

The CeSMI headquarters in Rome (scuola@suzukiroma.org) organizes training courses for teachers of CML (Children’s Music Laboratory), a pedagogical specialty known internationally and widely used at CeSMI. The venue also serves as a reference point for students of the Suzuki Method training, who can observe its application here.